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I've discovered that one of the most valuable ways for me to grow is by sharing and discussing what I've learned with others. Here's a list of articles I've written (or am mentioned in): 

  1. USCIS to Implement Online Processing of FOIA Requests - Official Press Release
  2. Interview for Adobe - UXperts Weigh In: Designs We Love, August Edition
  3. Interview for Built in LA - How you can transfer to tech, explained by 6 Angelenos who made the move
  4. Job Hunting Tips from Someone Who's Been There by Jackie Tanner
  5. A Navigation Case Study for TMBC by Jackie Tanner
  6. UX Research Methods by Jackie Tanner
  7. A Big Company's Onboarding User Case Study by Jackie Tanner
  8. A User Case Study for by Jackie Tanner & Robby Choate