E! News is a cable television network under the NBCUniversal division of Comcast. The network boasts an audience reach of ~94 million households and the online entertainment news offering averages ~460 million annual visitors worldwide. 

In my role:

  • Conduct user tests and interviews to identify usability issues
  • Provide detailed requirements for engineering teams (both in-house and abroad)
  • Create user flows for both the external product and the complex custom CMS for internal usage
  • Design wireframes and interfaces using Sketch, InVision and Proto.io
  • Work closely with the research team to monitor KPIs

User Persona

User Persona

User Persona

I utilized both internal and external ethnographic data and research toward the creation of a user persona that is representative of our primary demographic.  The user persona research and data were provided by Adobe Analytics, comScore, Omniture, Facebook Insights, Pew Research, NNG and Moosylvania.

iOS App Redesign

After much careful consideration, I analyzed the existed site map (above) in order to determine how to best optimize the user's flow within the native mobile redesign. I determined that a happy medium between user goals and business goal would be to more prominently display the News / Videos / Photos pages within the new design. 

Click here to read the redesign case study.



E! News App: Results

This is an example of a prototype for a new feature section I created for the E! News iOS app redesign. This section will provide the users with content curated specifically for them based off of their interests and behavior.

This is a video of the same section in the final product.

2016 Emmys Glambot

The GlamBot is a 360-degree slow motion camera used on-location at the biggest Red Carpet events and livestreamed for 8-10 million unique viewers via Desktop and Mobile devices. 

See the final result here.